I've Moved!

I was just having way too hard of a time trying to maintain a personal and a teacher, I've decided to compile all my thoughts in one place...hence the name of my new blog 'Confessions of a Multitasker!' This will be the catch-all place of the various tasks I do from day-to-day. Come join me at my new corner of the blogosphere!

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{Monday Made It} Ribbon Rules & Initial Lantern

I've been loving seeing all the ribbon signs on Pinterest and in teacher supply stores. I knew I wanted some classroom rules posted at the front of the classroom. I have a skinny space to the left of my SMARTboard that I knew would be the perfect space.
I printed the rules using a  powerpoint template that you can find here. I then laminated them and hot glued them to 2.5" ribbon. Too easy!

My DIY home project was inspired by a Pin as well. I knew I had to make it this week when I saw that all lanterns were 50% off at Hobby Lobby. So, I got my lantern, some potpourri, and a wooden letter 'H' that I spray painted and ta-da! I feel like it's the perfect addition to our guest bedroom!
Hopefully, I'll share the full guest room with you soon...still have a few more finishing touches I'd like to add.

I am so in love with Pinterest! I can't believe how it has inspired me to do so much this summer. What Pinterest projects are you working on?

Cuteness on a Cloud {Newborn Photography}

So, I've told you a little about photography, but haven't posted many of my pictures as I learn the craft. My friend Angela @ Selfless Ambition has been graciously allowing me to practice on her and her family. You can see Angela's pregnancy announcement, gender reveal, and maternity pics that I've taken! I can't wait to capture her and Quentin's little bundle of joy when she arrives.

Well, there was no point in waiting to capture a newborn, so I was so excited when Virginia, chef extraordinaire and owner of Mostly Cupcakes, contacted me to capture pictures of her 5 day old granddaughter. Now, with no kids of my own, I was extremely nervous, but that wore off as I warmed up to Baby B! And, I had my hubby there to help and coach me. Here are a few of the shots that he has processed so far...

Okay, she is such cuteness! Right?! And I love the blanket, like she's laying on a little cloud...hence the name of this post, 'Cuteness on a Cloud!' Grandmother and Mom had great props and bows on hand to make this a great photo session! And Baby Girl was so good. She made it through almost two hours of shooting without too much fussing and only needing one feeding.

So, this is only my first newborn shoot. I enjoyed it so much and I have notes for improvement on future sessions. Most photographers have a niche, or an area of photography that they specialize in...this may be mine. I can't wait to do another one!

If you're in need of photography in the DFW area, my hubby and I would consider it an honor! Check out Team Howard Photography for details!

Healthy Living + Financial Freedom {Advocare}

My hubby absolutely loves photography, which he does on the side, but has been miserable at his full-time job. He has gone to work each day only because of his God-given burden to provide for our family. With the hubby's current job situation, last week's text from our friend Brandy fell on him at a time when he was looking for a way out. Will & Brandy have been pursuing us with Advocare products and the business opportunity for over a year. Check out Will's story below:
So, we went to a business opportunity meeting and needless to say, we caught the vision and you're looking at two new Advocare distributors. We're excited about how this could be the spark (pun intended) we need to get healthy. We automatically get 20% of all the products we order and have the opportunity to make money when we share the awesome products and business opportunity with others.
Once Willie (my hubby) started looking at Advocare from a business standpoint, I had to get interested.  I want to be supportive of him. I don't want him going to work everyday and dreading it. So, we started the 24 Day Challenge yesterday. I am am not excited about showing you my 'before' (right now) pictures because I'm ashamed of how much weight I've gained. I do plan to post them though, when I have some 'after' pics to hopefully make the 'before' not look so bad. If you want to know more about the challenge, check out the video here.
We're now seeing being healthy and fit as a job. It's our job to get healthy and be a walking advertisement for our new business.