Learning from the Best!

Saturday, we got the unique opportunity to learn from Dallas wedding photographer, Celina Gomez. Celina opened up her home to 14 local photographers to share her knowledge and experience.
We discussed the business side of photography with topics like sales taxes, income taxes, insurance, branding, websites, money management, and contracts. We discussed the logistics of photography with topics like shooting RAW,backing up files, editing software, printing, and second shooter laws. Second shooter laws were shared by Celins's second shooter, Melinda Leal. We also got some hands-on practice with shooting, discussing metering, focusing and recomposing, ISO, shutter speed, f-stop, rule of thirds, depth of field, boca, and flash.
After having the discussion, we practiced on each other in the yard, and then Celina brought in models as well. We headed to downtown Carrollton to practice our new skills!
While I can say that these are my photos, I can't take complete credit for them. Celina's second shooter, Melinda, was a beast when it came to posing the models. She talked our models through posing while we just shot photos. I definitely need to up my game in that area. She did a great job of directing the models for great shots. She constantly filled that awkward silence with great posing directions and reassurance.

We had a great time! The hubby and I got to spend the entire day together doing what he loves and what I am quickly learning to really enjoy. I would say that the most beneficial thing I learned was how to focus and recompose my images. I'd say my immediate action items are improving our money management, working on posing, and finding a focus for our photography. I'd say that what I need more help on is post-production, finding a consistent editing style, and working with flash.
I am so thankful to Celina and Melinda for being willing to share their expertise with us. I truly enjoyed the experience and hope that we have built a relationship that will continue to grow as we follow their work!

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  1. This seems like so much fun! The learning in such a small group must have been phenomenal. Thanks for sharing! Glad I found your blog!

    1. It really was a great experience. Very nice to have the opportunity for one-on-one coaching! Glad you found me! Thanks for commenting!

  2. These photos are beautiful! I have a photography class on the 16th that I'm very excited for. :)


    1. Thanks so much, Rachel! Hope your photo class turns out well and I hope you'll blog about it. Can't wait to hear all about it. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  3. I'm happy you were able to learn some new techniques to implement! You did a wonderful job with those photos…. you go Kim, Lol. Can't wait to see more of your work.

    Maya D

  4. Hi there! I have ventured over from the Texas Bloggers blog. I'm enjoying this little peak into your world! XOXO Mandi Roach

  5. so fun! i am looking for ways to grow in graphic design and photography!