Reflection Art

Today, we took some time out of our regularly scheduled plan to do a little art. I had a lesson planned on coordinate graphing where students would plot points to make their initials and complete various transformations. While that lesson will still happen (probably on Monday), we did some reflection art instead.

Students started by folding their papers in half (hot dog style).

We then wrote our name with the fold at the bottom. It was amazing how much trouble students had just with writing their name. With that taking a while, I knew I was in for it when we began cutting.

I instructed to start by cutting around the tops of their names.

We then took to the bottom, making sure to leave some pieces of the fold in tact.

Students started to open their reflections, but weren't happy with the designs, so they then went to making more cuts, cutting out any circles or open spaces that they could. We ended up with a beautiful wall of reflection art and some great conversations about geometry, reflections, and symmetry.

After my students saw me taking pictures of their artwork, a few of them decided to jump in for a shot!

Here is the final wall with the artwork of my class as well as Mrs. Trousdale's classes!

(When I have time I will try to add step-by-step pictures.)

Anyway, do you ever deviate from your planned lesson and end up with something wonderful? Don't you love when that happens?! Please share!

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