Big D Climb

If you've been following my Fitness Friday posts, you know that I've been hitting the stair climber pretty often to prepare for the Big D Climb! Well, the day finally arrived and I started my morning by slipping on my new Flip Belt and fueling my body with some Jamba Juice!
I plan to give a full review of the Flip Belt after I've used it a few times, but know that it kept all my things secure during the climb and I think I really like it. If you want to know more about it, check out

I hardly ever drive downtown, but as I approached and saw the Fountain Place building, I began to get a little wary of my decision to climb 52 flights of stairs. I guess you can't tell that from the picture though.
Of course, Melanie and I had to get a few before pics!
I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the climb was. Well, at the beginning, when we were trying to keep up with others, it was hard. We were sucking wind. Once we found our own pace, though, it was all good! There were water stops along the way, every 5 or 6 flights of stairs. That made the heat in the stairwell a little more bearable. And, of course, we needed a few more pictures at the top!
Had to get that picture in front of the 52! I was a little disappointed at the end. It was very anticlimactic. I expected this big cheering squad and a celebration, but we were greeted by like two people clapping saying good job and a whole slew of people just resting and waiting on teammates. Don't know what I expected, but that wasn't it.

Anyway, I'm really glad we took on this challenge.I really enjoyed it. In our goodie bag was this little sticker...
You know what it made me think of, right? One of those 13.1 half-marathon stickers...I'm not saying I want to run a half-marathon for the sticker, but the thought did cross my mind.


  1. You rock! I did a half marathon, but I am not sure I could climb 52 flights of stairs.