{Recipe} Apple Dumplings!

I'm sure you love Pinterest just as much as I do! I love to try the occasional craft or recipe inspired by Pinterest! I didn't find this recipe on Pinterest, but it's so good that I had to 'pin it' and share it with my friends.

Apple Dumplings is a recipe my mom cooked on holidays. Sometimes, we ate it for breakfast and other times for dessert. Is that bad? Something sweet enough for dessert eaten at breakfast time? I guess it's no worse than eating donuts for breakfast.

Anyway, my mom directed me to The Pioneer Woman for the recipe. I had everything needed other than the Mountain Dew, so a quick trip to fill up the gas tank was my excuse to acquire my missing ingredient! Then, I began to cook these apples, wrapped in crescent rolls, drowned in butter, sugar,vanilla, and Mountain Dew, topped with cinnamon! (I'm sure that a run-on on sentence, but I teach math, not language arts.)

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The hubby loved it and said it may beat my mom's recipe for a Neiman Marcus Cake. I don't know that I agree with that one though. Maybe I'll share that recipe next time I make it. As the title suggests, it's a rich cake!

Anyway, enjoy the recipe for Apple Dumplings! You can find it here!

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