Third Time's a Charm...

Well, this may be more than the third time that I've attempted blogging. I love blogging and reading blogs, but for some reason, I have a hard time keeping up. My first real, dedicated attempt at blogging came when I decided that I was going to loc my hair. 'iRockLocs' was born to chronicle my journey from rockin' relaxers to rockin' locs!

I really enjoyed blogging. Once I had readers, over 300 of them, it felt like I had a duty to keep the blog updated. I did giveaways to thank my readers, featured readers and other bloggers, and was featured on a few blogs myself. It was an amazing journey, but then, locs became just hair and it wasn't as fascinating anymore. There was so much more going on in my life that I wanted to blog about other than hair.

So, then I thought I wanted to blog about family and life...hence, 'The Howard Home.'
I was prepared to share our search for a house and all that went into making our house a home! Well, having a home meant work. With iRockLocs still flourishing and requiring my time and attention, making posts about the house just wasn't as interesting, especially without readers. I was just writing for myself...boring.

Soon, my husband began a photography business. And, of course, he needs a website. Being the internet, blog junkie I am, it's only natural that I would offer my services. So, now my time is put into keeping D. Howard Photography up to date and a beautiful representation of my husband's work.

But that was HIS website, not MY website; So, then it was on to where I spent most of my days anyway, at work. So, why not have a blog about my educational endeavors. Born is 'Mrs. Howard Math' for my colleagues...

And 'We Speak Math' for my students...

But of course, teaching is not a nine to five and requires work from me at home. It's more productive to do the work needed rather than to write about it.

And then, there's the numerous journals of sermon notes, bible study notes, and devotionals of what God has revealed to me in His Word. Occasionally, these make it to the world wide web in the form of a devotional posted through my YouVersionBible App.

Now, my husband has convinced me to join him in his photography endeavors. I enjoy accompanying him on shoots and have been learning to use the camera in manual, so why not! Team Howard has always been our mantra when in friendly competition or just celebrating our small victories. Team Howard is engraved in our wedding bands. Now, Team Howard is the name of our photography business.

So, six websites/blogs later, we come to 'Team Howard: Life Behind the Lens.' I can't make any promises about what subjects I'll write about, how often I'll post, or how long this one will last. I'm hoping to compile all my interests into one blog. Hopefully, the sixth time is a charm and there will be readers who enjoy reading about faith, family, friends, education, photography, fashion, and whatever else goes on in our life behind the lens.

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