Flash Mob, Anyone?

I wish I could dance and I think my husband wishes he could dance too. Since that's not a reality for either of us, we get our dancing kick from tv shows and movies. Willie watches Dancing with the Stars and I'm a fan of So You Think You Can Dance. And, Willie makes sure that we see any dance movies. I lean away from them because they all have the same plot:

Crew dances.
Boy dances with girl.
Boy likes girl.
Crew dances.
Girl has a secret.
Crew dances.
Crew rebels against boy.
Crew dances and wins some battle.

If I had the remote, we would fast forward and just watch the scenes where the crew dances. Tonight, the hubby rented Step Up Revolution. And, of course, the plot is the same as almost every other dancing movie out there, but the difference was that the dancing was redonkulous. Yes, I said redonkulous!

The opening scene was awesome!

I couldn't imagine how they would top that one, but since it was the first five minutes of the movie, it had to be outdone.

Mia Michaels, my favorite SYTYCD choreographer  was in the movie, and when I heard the song 'Dancing' by Elisa, I instantly was reminded of my favorite dance performed by Lacey and Kameron on season 3 of SYTYCD. (Fast forward to about minute 1:25 for the best part!)

Anyway, this is about Step Up Revolution. The remaining dance scenes do not disappoint. 'The Mob' takes over an art gallery, making the art come to life. They mob a meeting, a restaurant, a gala, and more.

The last scene brings back some of our favorites from previous Step Up movies:

Adam Sevani as Moose
Mati Koda as Jenny Kido
Chadd Smith as Vladd
Stephen 'Twitch' Boss as Jason

If you love a good dance scene, go to the Redbox and pick up Step Up Revolution!

You may be inspired to join a flash mob like me right now!

BTW, lots of my friends on Facebook commented about wanting to do a flash mob! I hope they know that I am the type of person who will find one and call each and every one of them up to join me!

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