Games & Gag Gifts

Friday night, I got to spend some time with some co-workers from my previous school. I was introduced to game called Wits and Wagers. It's a trivia game where all the answers are numbers. Each team submits and answer and all answers are placed in order from greatest to least. You then get to bet on the answer you think is closest to being correct without going over. You don't necessarily have to be good at trivia to win!

Now, imagine that game being played by a bunch of math teachers. We had a blast! Willie and I usually bring our favorite party game, Pit, but Wits and Wagers may need to be added to the rotation.

Game time was followed by a white elephant gift exchange. There were a combination of great gifts and gag gifts. By far the best gag gift I've ever seen was the live lobster...yes, you read right. One of our friends put I live lobster in a gift box, taped it up, and placed it under the Christmas tree. When Ashley opened the box, she immediately dropped it. Roger was waiting in the wings to steal the lobster from Ashley. I wonder if they're having lobster for dinner tonight?!
We all had a great time and I just had to share with you my new favorite board game and the absolute best gag gift I've ever seen at a white elephant gift exchange!

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  1. I think I've heard of this game too...looks like fun!