Happy Birthday, Hubby!

My heart is so excited right now with my husband's reaction to what I planned for his birthday! He's been talking about having some time to spend with the guys, and so that's what I did...planned a birthday for him to hang with the guys!

I don't think he had a clue, because this is his face when he saw the limo waiting outside for him!

The limo driver opened the door to let him in, and his friends inside yelled 'surprise!' They all jumped out the limo to wish Willie a happy birthday!

I had to snap a picture inside the limo! I think he's still in disbelief!

Hope they have a great time!

I am truly thankful for my husband! We've had some difficult times in our little less than three years of marriage, but I wouldn't have it any differently. I have truly experienced what it feels like to be loved like Christ loves the church. He continues to show love to me even when I am at my worst.

Happy Birthday, Willie!

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  1. I'm not crying reading it this Proud of you. Such a great wife! xo, Angela