OOTD: Red, Blue, & Leopard

My first pair of colored jeans was inspired by this pin. I was so excited when I stumbled across a pair of red skinnies in Kohl's for 17 bucks. I've been looking for a leopard scarf, but unable to find one, so the animal print scarf in my closet had to do! I'm happy with the results!

Shirt: TJMaxx
Scarf: Target
Skinnies: Kohl's
Boots: Macy's (here)

I accompanied my husband on a photo shoot this morning and got him to snap a few pics of me afterwards.
As for the photo session, I just hang out in the background and practice a bit in order to learn the camera and get better at operating it in manual! Maybe I'll share some of my pictures soon!


  1. Cute look, I'm actually planning a very similar one to wear in the next week or so :) thanks for stopping by my blog!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Ginny! I'm looking forward to seeing your similar outfit! Gotta love Pinterest and all the inspiration it provides!